Last Week in BitClout 5/31/21–6/6/21

Thor Torrens
5 min readJun 9, 2021

Miami, Fl, June 6, 2021 {This Week in BitClout}

Another great week in BitClout. More upgrades from the dev team and the first annual BitClout Convention in Miami.

  • BitClout signup is now one-click, no seed phrase needed.
  • BitClout Convention in Miami
  • You can buy BitClout with USD.
  • Exchange listing announced
  • The Deflation BOMB
  • Cloutted Launch
  • Balajis tweets about BitClout
  • Dharmesh invests $1,000,000 in BitClout


look ma no seeds!

This will help with onboarding. There is no mass adoption without a little bit of centralization. It’s the reason most didn’t invest in Bitcoin in 2008–2012, and it’s the reason only a small percentage of the world invest in crypto today.

What I like is that it is optional (you don’t have to do it) and it gives creators that aren’t as tech and crypto savvy a chance to get on the platform and have a taste of the beloved creator economy.

BitClout Convention in Miami

That’s a lot of Clout

Miami was a movie. Great food, great music, great people.

We finally got to meet all the geniuses we’ve been engaging with over the past few months. Something really special happens when a bunch of forward thinking futurists get in the same place together.

In case you missed it check out the video from @bitcloutbilly here:

Craig did a great clout thread recap on the week as well. Take a look:

Check out his thread on BitClout here:

You can now buy BitClout with USD

That’s a lot of Scharole

Great news. You can now buy BitClout coin using USD and many other currencies. It amazed me how many people bought Bitcoin for the first time in their lives just to get onto BitClout. Now they don’t have to do that.

You can purchase up to $450 of BitClout per week using USD.

For larger purchases, you can still buy with Bitcoin.

BitClout coin will be listed on an exchange

We going parabolic

BitClout is about to hit an exchange. Which one is to be determined. But because of this some decisions had to be made.

They turned off the printing of new BitClout forever.

They are calling this THE DEFLATION BOMB

@Diamondhands explained this by stating:

Doing this leaves the existing supply of BitClout (~11M) plus the amount that will be mined in the next 30 years (~275k).

Thus the BitClout supply will be fixed at <11.5 million coins (~half that of Bitcoin).

Why is this good?

An asset’s value is determined by supply and demand. When supply stays fixed, higher demand has more impact.

This means every new user who joins now creates value for all existing BitClout holders rather than diluting everyone.

No more inflation.

With these changes, BitClout can now evolve from being just a currency to being a globally-recognized store of value.

Where Bitcoin is digital gold and Ethereum is digital oil, BitClout can now finally claim its seat at the table…

as digital $clout.

Cloutted Launch

Clout like everyone is watching

CloutTAGS are live! What does this mean?

Increase viewership: Just like keywords used for SEO, cloutTags are going to help people discover new content on BitClout.

This can really help build your following. It can make easier to find new creators in whatever niche you love most, and it might even bring your brand to the next level.

I was lucky enough to get the first first interview with @BitClout500 to talk about it. Take a look:

Balajis tweets about BitClout

He actually mentioned it twice! Check this one out too:

Balajis is an angel investor and entrepreneur. He used to be the CTO of Coinbase and was a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, he was also the cofounder of (acquired by Coinbase), Counsyl (acquired by Myriad), Teleport (acquired by Topia), and Coin Center.

The guy knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Seeing him so bullish on BitClout and on the creator economy really makes me feel good about the future of BitClout.

Dharmesh invested $1,000,000 in BitClout

I’m starting to see a trend

Dharmesh is the Co-Founder/CTO at HubSpot. The CRM platform for scaling companies. He is also the Co-author, “Inbound Marketing”..

He wrote this in his blog:

Instead of investing in the traditional sense, I’m going to do a combination of the following:

Invest in startups/projects that are building value on and creating value for the BitClout ecosystem. Example: I’ll be investing $100,000 in @bitswap (and here, I mean buying equity/shares in the startup).

Invest in $dharmesh (my own creator coin on BitClout).

Investing in other creator coin. (This is less as a way to generate a financial return and more as a way to show support for useful content and tools).

Hold BitClout (the currency) itself. Note: A few days from now, the number of BitClout coins will be frozen.

To read the whole article check it out here:


The BitClout network continues to grow by leaps and bounds. A lot of awesome stuff happening behind the scenes. Stay tuned as there’s much more coming. Thanks for stopping by TWIB, see you next week!



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