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Thor Torrens
4 min readJun 22, 2021

June 20, 2021 {TWIB HQ}

Another great week in BitClout. Check out some highlights:

  • CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong Joins BitClout
  • CloutFaves by DiamondCheeks
  • Antonio Brown joins
  • ProsperClout — Creator Insights and Analytics
  • BitClout on CNBC
  • Adam Schefter

CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong Joins BitClout

Bullish Indicator Alert

Brian Armstrong is the CEO of Coinbase. For him to give the co-sign here is a very big deal.

What I love about this is how he made the announcement same day made their announcement. Game recognize game. I see you player.

This also has me feeling like if he joined the platform… well, then naturally the next step would be to list it on his exchange. Right!?

Gotta stay tuned to find out.

CloutFaves by @DiamondCheeks

is this like myspace top 5!?

Clout Faves is a open source chrome extension that allows you to create a list of up to 10 of your favorite BitClout users and receive alerts whenever the BitClout users you selected to be on your Clout Faves List creator coin experience a significant change in price. So if their coin price drops or moon you will alerted. This will help you tremendously with knowing when to buy.

I sat down with DiamondCheeks to discuss further. Take a look:

Antonio Brown joins BitClout

Super Bowl Champion ✅

7x Pro Bowl ✅

2x First Team All-American ✅

Joins BitClout ✅

Winners gonna keep winning folks. I bet on AB in the Super Bowl this past year and you better believe I’m going to bet on him on BitClout.

Why do I get the feeling the High Key Bros had something to do with this? 🤔


Live long and be prosper

“This page is our attempt to share BitClout’s social (e.g., daily active creators) and economic (e.g., creator coin transaction volume) metrics and highlight daily activity within the BitClout ecosystem.

However, the more important goal we have by sharing this is to start a discussion around key BitClout metrics and the best approach to calculate those metrics.

Some metrics (e.g., Daily Active Creator Accounts) require making educated assumptions. Several sources share these numbers; however, as a BitClout community, we lack transparency and a common definition to calculate important metrics.

Here, we share our approach, knowing very well that it will change with community feedback. With that said, we would love to hear your input and arrive at a common definition and an approach to calculate the key metrics.

Finally, we believe this dashboard will provide a strong “directional” sense of how the BitClout world is progressing.”

I sat down with the founder Salil Sethi to discuss further. Let’s watch it together:

BitClout on CNBC

Look Ma we made it!

This was a huge day for the BitClout community. The excitement was electric. We started a room on Clubhouse about it and it was packed!

The energy was contagious. What we saw was a large amount of creators who had been through the fire, finally see their favorite platform on the main stream media receiving the attention it truly deserved!

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time you see BitClout on the news!

The Krassenstein brothers were lucky enough to grab the footage. Take a look:

Adam Schefter joins BitClout

We are excited to Adam!

Guys, Adam Schefter is an NFL reporting machine. He works at NFL insider and ESPN and is honestly one of the best at what he does. This is a very big deal. He’s setting a trend here and I can’t help but think other sports journalists will follow in his footsteps.

PS- I’m looking forward to the first Sports Node! Who’s going to develop that?


The BitClout network continues to grow by leaps and bounds. A lot of awesome stuff happening behind the scenes.

And if once a week isn’t enough for you make sure to check out BitsTODAY and @bruhmoments because they do an amazing job at providing daily news on all things BitClout!

Stay tuned as there’s much more coming. Thanks for stopping by TWIB, see you next week!



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