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Episode 3: June 13, 2021

Another great week in BitClout.

  • Deflation Bomb went off.
  • Adam Schefter joined the platform.
  • announced as the first Exchange listing.
  • New Yorker did an article on BitClout.
  • Jake Udell runs contest for the REAL LIVE Clout coin.
  • Rushell launches @smallcreators
  • AudioNode launched.

Deflation Bomb Went Off

This guy has a way with words

It feels like yesterday the first coin was mined. With Bitcoin it’s been 13 long years and the mining is still going on. With BitClout the supply is now fixed at 10.8 million coins. How is that even possible and what does it mean?

I sat down with Eddie Krassenstein to discuss further. Check it out:

BitsTODAY even made a t-shirt about it.

That’s a fresh T

Buy it here:

And @digitalize did an amazing job turning @deflationbomb Top 20 coin holders into ART! CHECK IT OUT! This piece will be minted into an NFT to be apart of BitClout history symbolizing Deflation Bomb Day!

Adam Schefter joins BitClout

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, the more legitimate people that join BitClout the more legitimate BitClout will become. And when it comes to sports and the NFL, it doesn’t get more legit than Adam Schefter.

He is one of the best when it comes to NFL reporting. Breaking news on the blockchain? Yes, please. I’m looking forward to seeing all the exclusives Adam drops this summer and beyond. announced as the first official listing to have $CLOUT

The BitClout exchange integration doesn’t just enable liquidity.

It allows you to convert your coins into BTC, ETH, or another asset.

This is huge news for BitClout and crypto in general. Being listed on a mainstream exchange like gives investors and traders a brand new type of cyber coin to bet on. A real social token. I love this news and have a feeling even more whales will be taking a position.

New Yorker did an article on BitClout

And it was entitled, “The Dark, Democratizing Power of the Social-Media Stock Market

Caroline Lester at the New Yorker did a very cool article on BitClout and the creator economy. It was great to see such a positive piece on our new favorite social media. One of my favorite tidbits is when she ran the numbers:

this past April, New York magazine valued BitClout at more than a billion dollars. Around three hundred thousand people and entities have created profiles, ranging from students like Wen to celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Benny Blanco, to institutions like the Museum of Crypto Art.

She went on to write:

But, while those other platforms measure their users’ social clout through likes and follower counts, BitClout does so by attaching an actual sticker price. If you click on Kim Kardashian’s profile, you’ll see that her creator coin costs $5,890.85. Similar to a stock, the coin’s price is a function of how much demand there is for it.

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it. Want to join? Check out

Jake Udell runs contest for the REAL LIVE Clout coin

Jake is the man

Anyone can buy some $CLOUT online. But imagine holding some physical clout in your pocket. What if it was even made out of silver or gold? That’s what prompted Jake Udell to make this clout. I’m looking forward to seeing who wins and having them on the show next week.

Rushell launches @smallcreators

Some people talk problems. Other people find solutions.

@SmallCreators is a place for artists that may have trouble getting on the global feed. To get featured click here.

@Beyondtheclout is a concept that allows creators, investors, and supporters to be more than that. To learn and share about who we all are beyond the clout and what makes us multifaceted.

It started out with a clout @Rushell made that I just happened to stumble upon:

I find this so cool because we all have little weird and unknown things that we usually won’t share with the World unless someone asks us about it.

I got to sit down with Rushell and talk about it. Take a look:

AudioNode Launched

Node life

BitsTODAY wrote in their awesome article about one of the newest and coolest NODES built on top of BitClout. In it they said:

“A new node made a high-volume debut today. @Audionode aims to support musicians and artists as they launch their creator coins, a value proposition that proved strong enough to land it in the Top Daily Gainers (above) too. In a recent post (here), one of the masterminds behind this node, @Thortorrens, had this to say about market challenges that @Audionode will address:

“Musicians and bands onboarding onto BitClout are faced with some challenges. For one, how do you add stability to their coin price for musicians coming on day 1? How do you allow fans to find their favorite artists!?”

Beyond helping artists supercharge their creator coin launches, the @audionode webpage (live at touts functionality to discover and analyze accounts and verification (always preferable that the creator you’re about to 🦍 into is the artist you think it is).”

Watch Scott Russo from Unwritten Law perform at the launch event here:


The BitClout network continues to grow by leaps and bounds and there’s a lot of awesome stuff happening behind the scenes. Stay tuned because there’s much more coming. Thanks for stopping by TWIB, see you next week!



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