This Week in BitClout — May 29, 2021

Thor Torrens
4 min readMay 31, 2021

Welcome to TWIB. The place to come for a weekly recap of all things BitClout.

BitClout had another amazing week:

  • Mining announcement.
  • The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, mentioned BitClout by name.
  • Raj Lahoti brought gamification to a whole new level.
  • Flick App, a native iOS and Android client for BitClout was introduced.
  • BitClout has a clown, his name is The Clown, and he’s making it rain.
  • Another famous person joined BitClout, her name is Loren Gray.

Let’s dive right in.


Mining announcement. As usual, the core team kept another promise. If you didn’t know by now, Diamond hands delivers.

Just check out what he said in his thread,

“Before, anyone could mine BitClout using their CPU.

Now, you can use your GPU to mine as part of the @cloutreactor mining pool, which is run by @korbin, an active member of the dev community.

Instructions here:

@cloutreactor is exciting not only because it allows anyone to mine with their GPU, but also because it illustrates the power of the community to build on BitClout.

@cloutreactor is its own project, and @korbin is using its coin to share some of the rewards with the community. BitClout uses an eco-friendly setup, where the amount of mining needed to support the network is orders of magnitude less than with other networks like Bitcoin.

This is a topic worthy of its own post, and we will be discussing it soon.

This clout has over five hundred replies and counting. Love to see it. Especially the eco-friendly setup part. Go green or go home.

I was lucky enough to have Korbin from CloutReactor on the show to talk a little bit about mining and BitClout. Take a look:

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong mentions BitClout.

Brian Armstrong is a big deal. Coinbase is arguably the top crypto currency exchange on the planet. When he says things people listen. The fact that he name dropped BitClout is a bullish indicator that is not to be taken lightly.

Also, has me thinking… does this mean BitClout will be listed on an exchange soon?

Stay tuned to find out.

You can check out the whole article here:

Raj Lahoti 🚀

Raj Lahoti to the moon 2021!

Raj Lahoti. The man, the myth the legend. He’s a community builder and one of the early adopters on BitClout. He runs a lot of accounts that add tremendous value to the platform.

Some of them are:


But the reason he made so much noise this week was because of the wizard like gamification techniques that he unleashed on the block chain.

For starters, he sold his own coin. Who does that!?

Well not only did he do that but he did it successfully. I sat down with him to talk about how his week went and what we can expect from him in the future. Take a look:

FlickAPP 📱

Introducing FlickAPP. For all the people asking me what app to download in the app store, here you go.

The Flick team of Nigel and Rob has deep expertise building social media applications, and is bringing that expertise to building apps on the BitClout protocol. In case you missed it, they officially launched their iOS app for BitClout! You can download it right now at this link:

🤡 The Clown 🤡

TheClown made waves this week and had everyone talking on BitClout.

I was lucky enough to meet the man behind the nose.

His name is Reade aka The Talent Fund Guy, and we were blessed to have him on the show this week to give us the download on the mad behind the nose. Take a look:

I think the Krassenstein Brothers said it best:

Loren Gray joins BitClout

Loren Gray is a is a model, singer, and famous social media personality from. She was signed to Virgin Records and Capitol Records until February 2021, when she became an independent artist.

According to her wikipedia page Gray is the sixth most followed individual on Tik Tok and had been the most-followed TikTok individual from March 31, 2019 to March 25, 2020.

This is great news! Welcome Loren. The more legitimate people that come onto BitClout the more legitimate BitClout becomes.


The BitClout network continues to grow by leaps and bounds. A lot of awesome stuff happening behind the scenes. Stay tuned as there’s much more coming. Thanks for stopping by TWIB, see you next week!



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